MXT RAVEN Closed Cartridge Fork System

MX-Tech Suspension set out to develop the ultimate off-road closed chamber system for racers who want low friction and the lightest mass that together provides consistency throughout a race.

The Lucky based 22mm Raven cartridge features a lower swept to do displaced volume ratio than our BlackJack Fork that optimizes the speed sensitivity for plusher overall action in the gnarliest conditions while delivering optimized control and the long term consistency of a closed chamber design.

  • Large 39mm ICS Spring charges work in conjunction with the 10mm cartridge rod to minimize frictional losses
  • Compound leaf spring mid-valve
  • Huck Valve
  • Viscous Spring tube set-up

Part Numbers

  • 02MXTC-2001 Raven TC WP AER '17-20
  • 02MXTC-2002 Raven TC WP AER '21+
  • 02MXTC-2003 Raven TC Xplr
  • 02MXTC-2004 Raven TC KYB SSS
  • 02MXTC-2005 Raven TC 49 Showa
  • 02MXTC-2006 Raven TC 47 Showa
  • 02MXTC-2007 Raven TC CRF 450 (09-14)