The MXT National Shock is equipped with the latest shock technology allowing for greater adjustability using only the finest components and coatings.

Light weight

The key to a professional grade product is to reduce the weight. MXT chooses the best alloys available. The net result contributes to less fatigue for the rider.

Low friction

This is achieved by not cutting corners. Many suspension manufacturers reduce costs by speeding up the machining process and altogether skipping critical finishing steps. Once a part is complete, various coatings are added to protect where best suited. Critical parts are shipped to Japan for Genuine Kashima coating, other parts (like the shock shaft) are DLC coated for low friction and longevity. Finally, the remaining parts are anodized for a combination of aesthetics and protection of the parts.

SKF Seals

SKF is the world leading standard in reliability. MXT were thrilled to collaborate with SKF to make custom seals for the National.

5-way adjustability

Adjustability means riders can setup their suspension to better match the terrain. The shock ships with a tuning guide and Chads Offroad Set Ups are available for installation or product support.

  • High Speed Compression
  • Mid Speed Compression
  • Low Speed Bypass
  • Low Speed Rebound
  • Mid Speed Rebound

Membrane Tank

OEM shock reservoirs use a nitrogen bladder that leaks gas into the oil over time. This results in many issues, like the shock performance changing over time – making it difficult to even stay consistent thru the duration of a race. Another issue is that the service interval times are shorter.

The MXT membrane free piston offers the comfort and zero friction characteristics of a bladder, but keeps nitrogen separate from shock oil. This prevents premature wear like oxidation and cavitation.

Huck Valve

This component gives the rider speed sensitive bottoming control of the shock. The shock resists full travel and prevents the "hard stop" found when a shock bottoms out. This helps the rider to avoid the shock from deflecting energy to the side and swapping out. This feature is especially helpful in deep rolling whoops. Plus, the additional compression damping also adds significant rebound damping force – giving the rider more time to react to a full impact before a shock recoils. The Huck Valve is designed to be speed sensitive, meaning the active movement transitions smoothly even with sudden mid-stroke acceleration. Finally, this feature is tuner friendly and adjustable for rider preference via shims.

High quality materials

Following are some of the parts used.

  • DLC coated 18mm induction hardened shock shaft
  • Kashima coated body offers unparalleled low friction properties and durability

Additional Benefits

  • Low friction piston band and low inertia piston design for excellent pressure balance and instant response to pressure.
  • Custom valved for each customer
  • Includes spring for rider weight


MXT/SFF fork conversion Kit