About Chad's Offroad Setups

At Chad's Offroad Setups we believe the biggest difference that a rider can make to geting the most out of their riding is to setup the motorcycle's handling to its full potential.

With motorcycle's coming "off the shelf" better every year & the factories spending millions of dollars on development of suspension components, our philosophy is to work with what the factory gives you & make it work for the individual rider and their specific requirements - Motocross, Enduro, Supercross or Trail-riding.

Chad's Offroad Setups has worked with some of Australia’s best off-road riders and has helped to rack up several state and national titles.

Chad's Offroad Setups is also the importer for MX-Tech suspension components and Xtrig Triple clamps.

Contact Chad's Offroad Setups to see what we can do for you and your riding experience.


Chad's Offroad Setups