MXT Blackjack Closed Cartridge System

In the continuation of pursuit towards the best performing front suspension, MX-Tech have focused on developing a close chambered version of their Lucky cartridge systems. Using the best materials available, the Blackjack's unique design surpasses the limitations found in other closed chamber designs.

A large diameter spring-charged ICS piston operates in a Kashima coated tank to create optimal pressure balance and the lowest friction values possible, while ensuring 1:1 self-regulation of internal volume and a hydraulic spring characteristic that is not possible with gas charged designs.

The 25mm cartridge tube creates a piston area and swept oil volume that produces great speed sensitive properties and allows for a wide range of damping coefficients. The unique cir-clip retained compression adjuster reduces mass and has the convenience of 360 degree repositioning. Highly developed mid-valve design allows for maximum tuning and longevity. 

The Black Jack is the lightest weight full featured twin chamber fork on the market.


  • Closed cartridge using a 25mm cartridge tube.
  • Speed sensitive characteristics similar to the Lucky Carbon.
  • Internal Huck Valve speed sensitive bottoming control.
  • Can be setup for all riding styles, SX, MX, GNCC, Desert, and racing in high speed or aggressive conditions.
  • Sealed 25mm cartridge with 39mm spring charged ICS piston (2.0, 2.2, 2.5 kg/mm rates available). Closed cartridge design uses an IC spring and piston to maintain cartridge pressure.
  • Sealed cartridge keeps internal valving separated from outer chamber oil. This allows valving to stay clean and free of contaminants, which maintains consistent operation over longer periods of use.
  • Closed cartridge utilizes a shim-tuned spring perch that creates a secondary viscous damping. Spring perch secondary damping is speed and position sensitive and only available on the Blackjack systems.
  • Compound leaf spring mid-valve design with 3 bending surfaces.
  • Internal spring preload adjustment uses circlip design, making it quick and easy.
  • Unique circlip retained compression adjuster assembly allows position of compression adjuster after fork has been installed.
  • Specific tools and advanced suspension knowledge required to service and maintain, available from MX-Tech Suspension.
  • Available for WP (AER fork only currently), KYB, and SHOWA forks.
  • External compression and rebound adjusters.
  • Ultra low weight, low friction design.
  • Lightest closed cartridge system on Ti bolt package (axle pinch bolts, fork guard bolts)

Part Numbers

  • 02MXTC-0001 Blackjack Cartridge System WP AER 17-20 (950x305)
  • 02MXTC-0002 Blackjack Cartridge System WP AER '21+ (950x305)
  • 02MXTC-0003 Blackjack Cartridge System SHOWA  (48mm, 49mm)
  • 02MXTC-0004 Blackjack Cartridge System KYB (SSS, AOS, PSF)
  • 02MXTC-0005 Blackjack Cartridge System SHOWA (47mm)

Installation is recommened by a professional suspension shop. This cartridge is not available for XPLOR, Open Chamber, or Sachs forks at this time.