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SKF Fork Seals

SKF has introduced a new range of fork seal kits specifically developed for heavy-duty off-road use. Based on years of experience in suspension sealing systems and on the success of the recently launched fork seal kits, this new range meets the very demanding riders’ need for more protection from mud in extreme environments. This new kit fits most leading front suspension forks used on off-road motorcycles.

SKF seal kits for motorcycle forks consist of an oil seal and a wiper seal, developed to achieve superior sealing performance.  SKF has developed a new self-lubricating compound. The design and performance characteristics of the seals from this compound enable them to keep oil in and contaminants out of the fork, while virtually eliminating stick-slip and improving performance by reducing friction.

This new generation of fork seal kit is optimized to enhance the protection with a dual lip dirt scraper design that creates a labyrinth to limit the exposure of the oil seals to mud to further safeguard the fork setting from losing his performances after short riding time.

To get the most out of your bike, both seals should be replaced

KF Fork Seals

SKF Advantages

  • Reduced and constant friction – reduction of over 20 %
  • Improved feel and smoothness
  • Compatibility with a wide range of OE and after-market oils
  • Increased life and performance
  • Enhanced water and dirt protection capability
  • Reduced wear and air suction

SKF Wheel Seal Kits

SKF, a pioneer in wheel bearings and seal technology, is a leading supplier of wheel hub seals for truck and car applications. This experience has now been applied to the motorcycle industry, where design, com­pounding and manufacturing of seals has been brought to a new level. The wheel seal kit for motorcycles is a state of the art addi­tion to this product line that meets the de­manding application requirements head on.

Motorcycle wheel bearings have to endure intense contamination in off-road applica­tions, shortening the bearing life.

SKF utilizes decades of bearing sealing experience to provide a solution that gives the ultimate riding experience with reduced friction, increased service intervals and longer bearing life.

SKF Wheel Seal Kits

SKF Advantages

  • Customized design and material
  • Increased sealing efficiency with reduced friction and very low power loss
  • Spacer included for an ideal seal running surface and optimum seal performance
  • Superior contamination protection for longer wheel bearing life
  • Resistance to high pressure water wash with patented integrated rotating plastic shield
  • Longer service intervals
  • Overall higher reliability for continued high performance of the motorcycle

50 Hours of motocross field testing in heavy mud conditions with water pressured wheel washing every 4 hours of riding.