MX-Tech MXT/SFF Kayaba PSF Air Fork Conversion Kit

MX-Tech’s MXT/SFF fork conversion is a total conversion kit for the stock Kayaba PSF air forks on 2013–14 Honda CRF450s and Kawasaki KX450Fs.

While the Kayaba PSF forks offer good adjustability, they suffer from a pressure ramp-up spike that is common to many air-suspension systems. By converting them to single-spring Showa SFF forks, MX Tech are offering a unique solution to this problem.

In order to fight the dramatic pressure rise at the end of the PSF’s stroke, MX-Tech have turned the air leg into a low-pressure unit, while installing a fork spring in the other leg. The end result is a combination of PSF and SFF to achieve the both of both systems.

The PSF left leg runs approximately 10 to 15 psi of air but this pressure doesn’t hold the fork up. The coil spring provides this task. The air pressure helps the compression stroke and also acts as a preload adjuster for the spring side. This is a tuning tool that makes stiffening the fork’s initial movement a simple task. As an additional feature, the low pressure in the air-fork leg doesn’t turn a small seal nick into a huge problem like the higher pressures do. The low air pressure makes fork movement very linear.

MX-Tech  have turned the right Kayaba PSF fork leg into a 1.0 kg/mm Showa SFF spring leg with a hydraulic stop with enough oil to provide lubrication for all the moving parts.

The KX450F and CRF450 fork conversion results in an increase in overall fork performance with a plusher ride that doesn’t spike at the end of the stroke. “Tunability” is also greatly increased.

Motocross Action Magazine thought  MX-Tech’s MXT/SFF fork conversion kit was such a great package they awarded it a 5 star rating!

MXT/SFF fork conversion Kit