Slacker Digital Sag Measuring Tool

Measuring your sag just got easier. You can use the Slacker to measure your sag without having someone else to help you!

Adjusting your bike's sag is the simplest, most overlooked adjustment that one can make to improve the overall handling. Coincidentally, it’s also the most important step in setting up your bike.

In addition to drastically improving handling, setting your sag to within the ideal range for your bike can also help you determine if you’re riding on the proper rated springs to begin with. That's where Slacker comes in!

This new generation of fork seal kit is optimized to enhance the protection with a dual lip dirt scraper design that creates a labyrinth to limit the exposure of the oil seals to mud to further safeguard the fork setting from losing his performances after short riding time.

The Slacker scale works on both front and rear axles and is excellent for setting up both air forks and SFF forks. The clamp attaches to number plates or fenders offering great flexibility.

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Slacker Digital Sag Measuring Tool