Offroad Motorcycle Fork & Suspension Kits

Chad's customised off-road kit forks and shocks are now available for riders wanting that extra bit of performance at an affordable price.

These trick looking fork and shock kits provide customized performance to your exact requirements. Just tell us your weight and style of ride and we'll set the correct spring rates and valving based on our years of testing with our team of state and national champions!

Our custom built Motorcycle suspension kits feature:

  • Tubes utilize a tri-nitrate coating that is super durable and offers a much smoother stroke.
  • Hard-anodized outer tubes and shock bodies to lessen striction and reduce heat build up.
  • All expertly valved and assembled with care using the best oils and greases to ensure the best ride possible.

And if you have any set up questions after you purchase our kit suspension, feel free to call and talk about it.