MX-Tech Performance Off-Road Suspension

MX TECH Low Stiction Piston Band

Reduces all mechanical friction inside the shock for a much smoother and freer action. Used by many top European Motocross and Enduro teams.

MX-Tech Huck Valve

The HUCK VALVE uses a special Patent Pending valve in parallel with a specially designed cylinder that allows it to be both position and speed sensitive.

The SSBCV or “HUCK VALVE" is the first new idea in fork bottoming control that we feel will allow fork design and tuning to evolve. It is soft when it needs to be, and stiff when you need control.

MX-Tech Shock Huck

The MX-Tech Shock Huck is designed to give a much better cushion on bigger hits and g-outs situations. Riders will feel less transference of impact due to the Shock Huck allowing softer shock settings for a smoother ride for MX or Offroad rider. Suitable for KTM SX, SXF, XC, XCF and new HUSQVARNA models.

MX-TECH shock huck

MX-Tech Subvalve

The MX-Tech Subvalve gives the fork a smoother progression and helps hold the fork more stable in its stroke. What this means is the fork is more compliant on the small bumps and more predictable on the bigger bumps. The rider has a smoother feeling bike due to less feedback from the bike.

MX-Tech Subvalve

MX-Tech Midvalve

The midvalve is for the twin chamber WP fork. The system gives a plusher but controlled feeling to the fork. It does this by keeping the fork up in the stroke under low speed situations whilst enabling a smooth progression on the square edge hits. The results and feedback from Motorcross and Offroad riders who have tested the midvalve has been very positive.

MX-TECH Midvalve